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New Blog - Launched Jan 2009

03/07/2009 14:37

Darren McAulay - Mountain Guiding and Instruction Services:

In Nov 2008, I travelled to Antarctica to guide for Antarctica Logisitcs and Expeditions (ALE) and Adventure Network International. ALE is the only Company to provide travel logisitics and guiding services for climbing Mt. Vinson, skiing the Last Degree to the South Pole and many other exciting and challenging actvities in the Worlds greatest wilderness. I was fortunate to climb Mt. Vinson twice, in Nov and Jan 2009, ski guide a group of 5 clients to the South Pole and lead many other adventurous ski and climbing expeditions. I will return to Antarctica again this Nov for the ICE summer season.

Feb-Apr:  The remaining (Northern Hemisphere) winter months I resided in Le Chazelet, La Grave in the Ecrins Alps, France. Great fun in the snow and learning to play on a speed riding paraglider (fast ski fun with a small wing). Have a look at :

Other winter activities including snowshoeing, ice climbing, ski touring and ski paragliding.


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