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Inca Explore Trek, Peru - Sept 2009

11/09/2009 16:03

Peru 2009 - Inca Explore Trek - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Sept 7: The first morning we visited the pre-Inca site called Huana Pucllana in Miraflores district - this consists of a vast mound constructed of adobe bricks containing many levels and plazas. The afternoon saw perfect conditions for paragliding along the Costa Verde. I spent over an hour cruising to the Marriot Hotel and back whilst Terry, Jules, Chris, Toity and Barney all took a tandem flight also! Great soaring conditions and what better way to view the Lima skyline and Pacific ocean than free flying paragliding.

Barney paragliding past the Marriot Hotel, Lima

Sept 8:  South on the Pacific highway to the coastal reserve at Paracas. Desert scenery and beautiful coasts. Hotel in town of Pisco which is still recovering after the earthquake of Aug 2007. It will be a long time until Pisco is restored but the friendly welcome (and pisco sour drinks) emphasise the character of the people here.

Pacific Ocean waves at Paracas Nature Reserve.

Sept 9: Boat trip to the Ballestas Islands -abundant bird and sea life in the guise of Humbolt penguins, Inca terns, Peruvian boobies and sea lions galore. The afternoon saw a sandstorm blow in from Paracas - interesting experience for all before we took the bus south further and on to Nasca.

Sept 10:  Flight over the Nasca Lines to see the huge desert drawings and lines. Surreal experience as we looped around the various drawings of hummingbrids, spiders and even an astronaut! The afternoon saw us heading south again. A long journey to Arequipa that was lengthened by the Pacific Highway being closed for an hour as sand dunes covered the surface.

Nasca Lines flight crew (don´t ask Terry for a sick bag!)

Sept 11: Easy day sightseeing in Arequipa - the White City of Peru! Tomorrow we head up to the Colca canyon and on to Lake Titicaca before back north to Cusco for the Inca Trail.

Colca Canyon condor watching


Sipping GnT´s on Lake Titicaca

Uros floating Islands, Lake Titicaca

Sept 18 - Now in Cusco having watched condors in the Colca Canyon and cruised on Lake Titicaca (World´s highest navigable lake at 3810m) in a reed boat!

The team are in the Sacred Valley today, dicovering the Inca sites at Pisac and on the Inca Trail on Sunday........proper exercise at last!


INCA TRAIL trek, 20-23 Sept.

 The start of the Camino Inka (Inca Trail)

 All happy at 4200m in the Andes, Dead Womans Pass

 Machu Picchu, Peru